Benji Giggles For Tony.

...don't like it? Die! ;P

Benji/Tony Slash!
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This community is for the people to share the love of Benji/Tony love. Benji Madden from Good Charlotte and Tony Lovato from MEST case you're wondering.

Tony: What's the deal with me and Benji? We're very happy, we're engaged. He's faithful... I think he's faithful. He's on TV a lot, so I get jealous because I know a lot of other dudes want him... but, you know, whatever man, they ain't got shit on me.

^^A lot of people see that it's quite obvious that two are oh so in love and there just needed to be a place for people to share that oh so in love-ness. Even if they are not IN LOVE and are JUST FRIENDS so what? We can all dream a little. ;)^^

So share your thoughts, pictures, rants, stories; anything your little hearts desire about the lovers. The more stories the better! :D

The rules are as follows:
1. No Bashing.
2. No fighting.
3. NO ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!!!
4. Be nice and send feedback to all the stories.
5. When posting a story please make sure to post what the reader is in for like add "Contains; Sex, Nudity, Cursing.." and please add your own Rating such as either "G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17". Thanks! ;)

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