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Title: None
Author: hormones
Pairing: Benji Madden/Tony Lovato
Rating: PG
Summary: Fluffy little ficlet in which Tony gets angst-y, Benji gets cheesy, and life is good in the end.
Words: 708
Disclaimer: Don’t know, own, etc.
Author Notes: Watched an interview with Tony’s new band, got suddenly inspired and opened Word. It took me, like 15 minutes to type, so it’s nothing epic or whatever. Just quick cuteness.

Tony sighed softly as he came into the living room, knowing that’s where he’d find Benji. He smiled, seeing the man stretched out on the couch, most likely asleep. Tony was sure to keep quiet as he came over, slipping down onto the couch with his lover and laying his head on Benji’s chest. He draped an arm over the older man’s stomach, and closed his eyes.

Benji roused from his light sleep when he felt the couch sink underneath Tony’s added weight. He smiled, shifting just a little bit to make more room for Tony, and nuzzled his hair gently.

“Hey,” he said softly, still waking from his nap. “You’re home early.”

“Yeah, we finished up sooner than I thought we would. Jeeze, I’m a workin’ man and you’re layin’ around here having naps on the couch. Must be nice,” Tony teased, his cheeky little smirk coming to his lips. He squeezed Benji’s side gently, and nuzzled back in.

Benji only laughed lightly, and hugged Tony close to him, closing his eyes again. It was nice to see Tony smiling and joking with him more and more lately. Since March, when… The Incident happened, Tony had not been himself. He’d fallen into a depression and had been devastated by what had happened, rightfully so. Lately, though, more and more of his old self was appearing and Benji couldn’t have been happier.

The two lay in a comfortable silence for awhile, enjoying being close and with one another, when Tony spoke up quietly.

“You ever wish we could have babies?”

Benji’s eyes opened up and he immediately looked down at Tony, an incredulous look on his face.

“Um. Pardon?”

“Just sayin’, you know? It’s been, what? Six years for us, Benj’, and here’s your brother and his girl and she’s pregnant and Matt had a baby and Billy’s getting married soon. And here we are, Benji, you and me have been together for six years now and we can’t get married, and we can’t have babies, and we don’t get any of the shit that our friends and our family get. Why not? Fuck.” Tony cursed, shaking his head and tensing up.

Benji frowned at this, a little shocked. Tony was never one to speak of such things, to even hint that it was on his mind. Benji sighed a little and rubbed Tony’s back, hoping to get the other to relax.

“Tony, I really don’t know what to tell you. I don’t need a piece of paper to know that we should be like this, though. And.. Babies, wow. I didn’t know yout hought about that.” He answered him, biting at his lip.

“That’s not the point, Benji. It’s not the point that we don’t need it. The point is that your fucking brother has been dating that broad for like, six months and they can have whatever the hell they want! Six years, Benji! Six years, you and me, and their fucking surprise pregnancy makes their relationship worth something more? It’s more valid? Fuck!”

Benji sighed, and hugged Tony close to him. He knew what Tony was feeling, and understood it all too well.

“Tony, listen. I love you, and I want all the things that you want. I would love those things, too. But listen to yourself, okay? Six years we’ve been together. Six years, Tone’. That’s more than so many people can say, and you know what?” Benji asked him, looking into Tony’s bright blue eyes.

“What?” Tony sighed softly, unable to stay tense and hostile when Benji talked to him like that.

“Pretty soon that will be ten years, and then fifteen, and then before you know it, we’ll be so old and useless, we won’t even remember the shit we went through to get there.”

Tony lay his head back down against Benji’s chest, and smiled, shaking his head.

“Benji, you are the cheesiest bastard I know. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Benji said, laughing lightly as he watched Tony.

The two men lay together quietly, again, letting their own thoughts run through their heads. Tony idly played with the hem of Benji’s shirt and then looked up at the other once again.

“So Benji, you ever think about babies?”
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