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Punk Love - Part Nine

Title: Punk Love
Author: wakethefallen
Pairing: Benji Madden/Tony Lovato
Genre: Drama.
Rating: Will be NC-17, which means if you want to read the dirty stuff you have to be over 16, have a birth year on your profile, and add me on got_slash, k?.
Warnings: Will eventually include language, extreme violence, drug use, sex, and snow shovelling.
Disclaimer: This obviously isn’t true, because in real life Tony is Benji’s little bitch, and when Tony’s been a bad boy and Benji’s not there, he gets Matt to spank Tony for him while he watches from LA on his Sidekick II. The end.
Author's Notes: nikibee is my beta and my bitch. This fic was inspired by this picture, and this one, too.
Summary: The FSU and the AMC are Boston "punk gangs" that have been fierce rivals for years; rioting at concerts, fighting in the streets and attacking each other out of pure hatred. It's funny, though, how a chance meeting can change the way one thinks and make it impossible to hate.

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( Part Nine )
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